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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gearshift Photography Workshop - Feb. 21, 2009 - Reston, VA

2009 Gearshift Photography Workshop - Feb. 21, 2009 - Reston, VA ($150/person/4 hour class)

Do you own a Digital SLR camera, are you passionate and interested in taking your photography to the next level. The Gearshift Photography Workshop will help you achieve a good understanding of the basics of photography using creative techniques that help you get great shots. Here are the topics that will be covered during the 4 hour workshop in Reston, VA.

What do you see?
Where are you standing?
It's all about lighting

Super Wide/Fish Eye 10mm – 18mm ($500)
Wide 18mm – 55mm ($1,200)
Macro 90mm ($500)
Portrait/Prime 50mm ($300)
Telephoto 70 – 200mm ($1,800)

APERTURE/F-STOP (Depth of Field)
1.4 (low-light), 2.8 (med-light), 5.6+ (bright light)

20 (blurry, use tripod), 60 (normal speed, keep steady), 250+ (sports), bulb (night)

200 (sunny), 400, 800 (indoors), 1600 (dark, no tripod)

Indoor (adds blue) or Outdoor (adds yellow)

When to use Flash vs. Natural Light

When should I use a tripod?
Keeping a steady hand, how to be a human tripod.

Is this important?

Is this important?

For more information and to see samples from the Gearshift Photography Gallery visit

Sunday, December 21, 2008

High School Football Players: Highlight Videos

High School Football Players are looking to get into college on athletic or educational scholarships. Any type of scholarship a student receives is a ticket for getting a College education. High school coaches and Parents, Gearshift TV is here to create Highlight Reels, give college recruits an easy look into your athletic career from your High School season.